So! You finally decided to pop the question under browsing! Keep the best amount of cushion cut wedding rings for women that are out there. Feel a little overwhelmed yet? Well, you shouldn’t !as long as you remember the 4 C’s of diamond grading, you should have no problem finding quality engagement rings for women and at a good price. First let’s go through the 4 C’s!

  • CUT : Probably the biggest factor that goes into the actual look and beauty engagement rings. The cut of the diamond is only depended on the skill of the diamond cutter, The more precise he is, the more expensive the diamond will be. Finding a great Gem Cutter can save you money on upload piece, since his work will make up for it.
  • COLOR : You want to get as close to colorless as possible with the diamond, but most likely you are going to find more towards a light yellow or a light brown. There are other colors available which are cheaper, so find out if your fiancé likes different colored engagement rings for women and you could save some dough.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Cushion Cut Wedding Rings 

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings


  • CLARITY :  If a diamond is internally flowed it’s called an inclusion ,if the flow is external it’s called a blemish, while it’s rare to find diamonds without inclusions or blemishes, what’s more important is to find diamonds that use the cut in setting to minimize the visibility of them, so that they can only be seen under magnification.
  • CARAT :  This is the actual weight of the diamond in metric carats, this is the most objective point of the 4 C’s, as any of the other three C’s can make up for poor carats. In general, a carat equals 0,2 gram and is divided into a 100-point scale.

All the four C’s aside, it’s really the fifth C that no one talks about which ensures quality in engagement rings for women is

  • The CERTIFICATE  :  finding cushion cut  engagement rings for women with a certificate of authenticity for the diamond will ensure that you are paying the right price for a quality piece.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Armed with all this knowledge you should now be able to find that diamond in a rough. Literally, to get started! look no further than in our very own engagement rings store ,which pulls together rings from many different merchants and web sites all into one single database.

 5 tips to buying an Engagement Ring

Reviews of the Best Cushion Cut Wedding Rings

 Luxury Quality 3 Carat Cushion Cut Simulated …

M. Edwards:
  I was in my last months of pregnancy when i bought this stunning, sparkly and sophisticated ring. It is really classy, similar to my wedding ring , with its impressive quality, and its authentic middle stone and recognizable size, one can hardly question its fakeness

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Princess Cut Solitaire with Round Side Stones …

My man and I had decided to bought a provisional ring, I was extremely worried about it “looking fake”. When I saw the picture and read its evaluation, I was like “Ok, right the moment I gotta have something temporary let’s just have this one” ,The very satisfying surprise was when I opened the box, God! It is so polished and glamorous ! I loved it , like for real! I had another , being my “real wedding ring” but now I’m blindly in love with this one. It’s like we have been married for a year ago, not just after he proposes in a few days

BERRICLE Cushion CZ Simulated Aquamarine 925 Silver 2Pc Halo …

 I’ve bought this ring in order to leave my real one safe and sound at home and not leave my fingers bare, though it looks very authentic and real, Its size and my real ring’s are alike, It looks shiny and perfect . I do not know whether it will discolor or the stones will fall out, all I can do is keep you informed about it after 2 weeks vacation. So far so good! I’ve taken a side-by-side picture of it with my real set.


Cushion Cut Engagement bands



A man’s got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.


Wedding ring sets for women

Diamond engagement rings are the most wished among the women. We cannot deny that most women love diamond for their jewelries especially for their engagement rings. Most engagements are associated with giving of engagement rings whether they are in the engagement party or in the simple dinner date. One thing for sure is that one of the most memorable events to lovers is their engagement day.

You can find a variety of engagement rings in some of the local jewelry stores. A lot of jewelers could offer different designs and styles that may be fitted perfectly in your hands. So, if you cannot afford to get a diamond engagement ring, because you might have a limited budget to purchase a perfect ring for your lifetime partner. You can settle for any precious gemstones. But before buying a perfect one, you must consider several things that may be your shopping guide of your engagement rings. that are cheaper than a diamond. Like a diamond, these gemstones could add elegance and beauty in your perfect engagement ring for her.

Wedding ring sets for women


Know Your Budget
You can have a diamond ring with enough budget but if you have a tighter one, you can settle for a sapphire or emerald gemstones. You must set enough budgets for a pair of your engagement rings. Before jumping to the jewelry store, you must take a consideration that an exotic rings are very expensive so if you want that kind, set a bigger amount.

You have to remember that each metal has its unique properties and characteristics that may be favorable to you , Titanium and tungsten might be cheaper, but still, they possess durability as well as beauty .you can decide which material would you like to be used in your engagement rings. If you had already set a budget. Some available metals are gold, silver, platinum, tungsten and titanium. Platinum is the rarest and the most expensive metal followed by gold and silver.

Favored Style
Some women are fond of plain and simple ring but there are also some who go for a stylish design. You must be observant to the likes and tastes of your future bride in terms of jewelries. Just observe her favorite color or the choice of designs she prefers. She would be surprised if you could give her a ring in line with her favored style. You can also consider the month of her birthday in choosing of birthstone. For example, if her birthday falls in the month of March, you have to choose Aquamarine and if it is September, go for a Sapphire.

Have a Comparison
You can visit the site of some jeweler who could have a variety of styles that may be suitable in your taste with a pocket-friendly price. If you are just careful in choosing, you could get affordable yet quality kind of engagement rings. You must have a comparison in terms of price, beauty and quality of the rings and select the best pair. Shop around and compare the engagement rings of different jewelry stores. There are some online stores which could offer a reasonable discount especially in the weekend sales.


Three stone cushion engagement rings

Diamonds have been very favorite among the couples, the stone rings are recommended. As the commitment is for a lifetime, so the rings have to be special and diamond is the best answer when it comes to show the commitment for a lifetime. If one is looking for a very elegant yet classy look for the ring along with keeping the budget in check, then along with classic solitaire rings. There are many ways in which the diamond stone rings can be arranged. The three stones rings can be made from glittering 1 carat diamond rings usually made with metals like gold, platinum or even white gold. When customize the rings. The first and the foremost things that come in mind is the shape the band that holds the rings looks very elegant and creates a heartwarming feeling. There are something’s you can keep in mind. Is the budget in which you want to make the whole ring? Also the taste and preference of your partner is very important. Diamonds like princess cut, classic solitaire, sapphire, emerald cut can be the centre diamond for your three stone rings. With such rise in the popularity of the ring it has become very much preferred and who doesn’t love 3 diamonds.

Wedding Band Ring

One of gorgeous rings that is known very much in market today is three stone rings or often known as trinity rings. They are also called past, present and future rings. The rings look like a diamond in the centre and two diamonds on its side. If the ring is for your loved one, the women of one’s life you should know that Rings have symbolized love, honor, commitment, relations since many ages. Engagement rings also offer many varieties princess cut rigs, round cut rings, different carats like 1 ct rings, 3 carat rings and many other options. Three stone rings also have specific significant meaning too. The centre diamond in the ring symbolizes the present of the relation, while the other two diamonds on the side represents the past and the future of the couple.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia

You must consider is the size of the diamond in which you want. The carat size of the diamonds is very important. As, it goes diamonds are available in many shapes and sizes Again, the metal in which one wants to customize your ring is also very important. White or yellow gold, platinum are the metals you can choose for your rings. The 4c’s must be considered when it comes to diamond. Such diamonds are also good for promising diamond anniversary rings. Always make sure that you receive the certificate of authenticity with your purchase. The carat does matter so try to bear that in mind. And chose the diamond in the budget as well as keep in mind how it will look on the hand of your women.

asscher cut engagement rings

Finally all this is about the emotions and the commitment for a life time and about the smile on the face of the one’s life. The range and colors of the stone offers a wide variety to the couple to make the ring of their choice. People forget that while trying to keep the budget in check, they ignore the stone setting of the diamond. But that is not at all recommended by the professionals. The reason being simple, if the setting is not firm then one can lose the diamond any time. And then spending money to get a new or else it is better to spend a little extra on the setting and keep the ring intact for ever. So always have a clear chance while making the purchase .